Oh boy oh boy!
Doctor Who
I'm not sure why I always start a new LJ account after taking a long break. I guess I don't like reading what I've written before because it never sounds like myself anymore.  So here we go again. Hello.

My name is Kelly and I'm 19. I'm a third-year student at University of Georgia majoring in advertising with an emphasis in design and I'm also receiving a certificate in New Media. Now I'm also considering minoring in sociology for the hell of it. I guess I love spending all my money on school.

I'm kind of in love with Doctor Who. Living in America I starting watching it late on BBCA but thanks to Netflix I'm all caught up.  I don't really like any other shows on television... most are just too dramatic now. DW is at least funny.  I also do web and graphic design and I work at my current university doing web design for the college.  I love reading, but I have a tendency to read 3 or so books at a time so it takes me forever to get through one book.

My boyfriend and I have been together for 11 months. July 24 will be one year for us. Pretty exciting.

Not really sure what else to say. Say hello.


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